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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Simple Things

I was cooking some bacon. When I turned it the first time, I noticed one slice seemed a little thick. Lo and behold, it was two slices, so I separated the two, and now have another slice of bacon for breakfast. That's a good thing. It makes the morning even better.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

I'll Miss Him

The neighbor's beagles escaped today. They came to the house and killed my small Sebright Bantam rooster. He, like most roosters, protected the chickens, which led to his demise. He probably attacked the enemy, paid the price for his efforts, and the hens were spared.

I'll miss his early morning crowing, and his effort to stay close, while I was outside.

Spring Visitors

The other day, while sitting on the porch, I caught a glimpse of a bird I've never seen at my house. I quietly sat, waited and it returned, with more of the same.

It was an indigo bunting. They  usually pass through this part of the country, but can stay, since this is the southern edge of their summer range. I hope they do.

The photo is from the Audubon site, and taken by Rob Curtis. It's a good photo, and shows how brilliant the blue can be. With the birds feeding with cardinals, and woodpeckers, the color contrasts are amazing.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Lacking Candor?

Two top FBI officials didn't tell the truth. The euphemistic description of their behavior is described as "lacking candor". To the common folks, it's called lying, and with people in their position, the ramifications should go way beyond just disclosing the fact they lied.

Now what happens? If past actions are the guide, nothing will happen. High ranking officials skate with unethical, and illegal actions. They get a free pass, when people far below their pay grade are crucified for actions far less severe. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Setting the Stage

Paul Ryan is quitting, so I'm think McConnell is next. After all, when you're a politician, you promise the President, and then quit, so you can look in the mirror, lie about your integrity, and believe you're something more than a lying sack of crap.